Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thank you Green Bean

One of the coffee shops where NFJS meets burned down last night, and I feel the need to say "Thank you!" It was the Green Bean Coffee House and it was a terrific place. A non-profit of it's own, part of a church (Sanctuary), but mostly a place of acceptance and welcome. We have been meeting there since April, but I've known them since they opened in 2004. One of the key volunteers for NFJS is Colonel Bob Jackson (USAF Ret) whom I met through the Green Bean. Turns out his daughter is the Manager of the Green Bean along with being one of the ministers at Sanctuary. These people and the place they created will be missed.

Until further notice, the Wednesday Meeting of Notes from the Job Search will be meeting at the Wayward Coffeehouse Around the corner and half a block further north. (8570 Greenwood Ave N).

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