Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Caveat Emptor

Seize the Day. Amazing how important that is and how often we don’t. Fundamentally, job search is about researching the world around us until we find a problem we can help with.  At every step of this process, caveat emptor applies. When we are introduced to someone, do we hide or do we ask them about themselves and their work? When we find that this is someone we could genuinely connect with, do we meet once and then bail? Or do we actively find ways to increase the connection? When a connection offers a new opportunity or an introduction, what do we do? Follow up?

When we hear about an opportunity, do we get intimidated by a title, or dig in to find out if we can actually help?

So Caveat Emptor. Seize the day. If there is an opportunity, follow up, find out. Trust yourself to evaluate honestly whether this is something you can help with.


  1. caveat emptor was a unique thing to me. thanks for sharing this with..i felt this was very important for every one and shared this with face book!

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  2. Carpe Diem = Seize the day
    Caveat Emptor = The buyer beware

    But your point is still very valid. The more we can learn to look for the opportunity in everything that happens the better.