Friday, February 18, 2011

Changes and Growth

If you read this at all regularly, you know that the heart of this blog is the people who come to the three groups known as Notes from the Job Search (NFJS). As they have become successful, they have continually shared their success with friends, which has led to very steady growth for NFJS.  Starting with one group 2 years ago, we’ve added two more along with the many private clients I have had the privilege to help.

Our Bellevue Group started just a year ago with approximately 6 people and is now normally over 18. The consequence is that we have outgrown Jitters Coffee House and starting March 3rd, we’re moving. The new location will be Panera Bread in Redmond. 17262 Redmond Way. We will also be changing times from 1:00 to 1:30!

What we’re working on won’t change, but where we work on it will, it’s going to be great!

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