Monday, April 6, 2009

I don’t know if you think of job search as a job, but that’s how I’m approaching it. Specifically as an entrepreneurship. The reason I bring this up is an organization I’m just becoming aware of that supports startups, named (wait for it): This is a very specific web site that really does focus on people starting their own businesses; talks about funding, accounting, etc. It also hosts classes and seminars and even business fairs. The classes and fairs are outstanding opportunities to learn, and to network. Remember that 75% of the job growth in the country, year in and year out is in small companies, and there simply isn’t a better opportunity to connect with the folks that will be building those businesses than seminars for new startups.

Looks like Craigslistwatch is at least temporarily non-functional so dropping from the link list. Unfortunately, that means this is one place that we still need review manually.

I didn’t include the link to the King 5 story on folks looking for work. Primary focus is kids looking for summer jobs, but Kevin got some airtime as did Keri Robinson of Ladies and Lords of Leisure.

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