Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Now that you got the job

Matt Youngquist just published a "Brag" post on his blog and he said some things that are so spot on.  Career Horizons does a terrific job and it's important to recognize that and thank them.  This post takes a minute to ask the newly employed clients of Career Horizons to say thank you and to use their search as a source of growth.  I am hereby forwarding these thoughts to the folks from NFJS that have recently gone to work as well.  The following thoughts are paraphrased from Matt's post:

·        Say "Thank you" to all of the people who have helped you through an amazingly difficult process and time.  Even if the individual was simply an encouraging informational interview.
·        Follow up on all of the opportunities you were pursuing and let them know you are off of the market.  Say "Thank you." for whatever level of consideration they have given you.  Think about the number of times some employer simply dropped off of the map part way through the process and remember not to be like that.
·        Create a "Lessons Learned" document, maybe just notes, but whatever it is, make it something you can refer to over time and use in the future.
·        Remember all of the bad behavior you experienced and make a very focused effort to not repeat any of it.  If you are a hiring manager, work hard to create a process that is respectful of both the candidates and your company and actually addresses the questions that matter to you, your team and your company.
·        Take a breath.  Take a few minutes to be thankful.  If you can take some time off, do so.

Most importantly, congratulate yourself and give the next person the same respect you were looking for when you were on the market.


  1. Stephen: Much thanks for the reposting of some of these key thoughts on how to wind down a successful job search on the right note -- and I hope the same upward trend I'm seeing in the job market lately is being felt by many of your NFTJS participants, as well! All the best and keep up the great work...

  2. Steve,

    THANK YOU for all your help (and the West Seattle group as well) during my job search from Oct - June. So very grateful for all the feedback I got, the new tools I learned to use, and the participation level of everyone involved, week after week.

    Keep up the great work!

    Cheryl ~
    Zynga Seattle since June 2011
    West Seattle mom and New Media Coach

  3. I agree with you, you should be thankful to the people who help you to be hired or to get a job. It is nice to work if you are happy with the people that you work with.

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